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14/11/92 v Charlton (a) 3-1 [played at Upton Park]

Gavin Peacock, who's Dad played for Charlton scored twice just after his birthday and a rare Steve Howey goal gave us a 3-1 win.

"Rob Lee, who I roomed with at the time was a bit sheepish about this game as his Dad, Reg, had sponsored the game. All the lads and Kevin [Keegan] took the p*ss something rotten. His Dad is involved in a shipping company and we couldn't help but have few digs about how he was the next Onassis. Gavin loved to get the goals and he always wanted to be number one but once or twice this didn't go down too well with the lads. During a home game [Cambridge?] David Kelly headed home a shot from Gav that would probably have gone in. If you watch the tape you can see him turn away in disgust as everyone else jumps on Ned [Kelly]. Its a cliche about being a team game but things like that don't go unnoticed."

I asked John whether he had many United videos and if he ever watched them.

"I've got most of them, although I'm missing a few that had sold out just as I left for Southampton. To be honest, I haven't watched them at all, only because my time at Newcastle is still fresh in my mind and I want to keep those memories for as long as possible. When my kids are older and they ask about when I used to play I'll sit down and watch them and see how it compares to my memories and whether I was any good or not...!"

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for