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Nice to go back to St.James - 30/04/2004

It was lovely to get back to St.James Park last week and although I'm regulary up there on business and to see friends, it was the first opportunity I've had to go back on the pitch and see the fans. I had seven wonderful years up there and as I've mentioned before, I never got the chance to say goodbye to the Geordies. Walking out from the tunnel and into the stadium was quite emotional, and the reaction from the fans was great. It's a special place up here and football plays a big part in peoples lives. I miss the North East; the football and the people and it was never going to turn down the opportunity to get out on the pitch.

European nights were always special at St.James Park. The atmosphere was always different and the players enjoyed playing different teams and having a break from the Premiership.

The match itself was a hard fought affair and Newcastle have as good a chance to progress as Marseille. This stage is farther into the competition than I ever managed and credit to the present team.


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