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Tension does rise in changing rooms - 25/02/2003

   David Beckham
   Sir Alex Ferguson

The dressing room in football can be a lively place when things have not gone well on the field. What did or didn’t happen in the Manchester United dressing room has dominated the sports news all week. The reason why it attracted so much attention was the stature of the two people involved, Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham. With all due respect, had it happened at Southend it would not have made front and back page news.

Football is a game of passion and emotions can run high after a match. It’s the same in all dressing rooms, no matter what level. Managers can react in different ways. Some shout and scream, others keep calm while putting their point across. Over the years, I’ve seen people squaring up to each other and not only cups but pots of tea flying around. Sometimes a funny moment can defuse the situation, like reacting to a flying tea cup by saying “I didn’t want sugar with that!”

Derby Evening Telegraph

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