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In the bag for the next round - 11/09/2002

In the bag for the next round
Welcome to the first team
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   League Cup

We enjoyed the cup win at Mansfield, it’s a bit of a local derby and with a decent 3-1 away win, we can take a lot of positives from the night.

Sometimes it’s hard to play against ten men, but on this occasion we took hold of the advantage and made it count. We had a team meeting today and analysed the game using ‘pro-zone’. This shows how many passes, shots, tackles, runs etc. you make throughout the game. There really is no place to hide! Looking at the results from last night’s game, we were fantastic - some of the lads had made more than 100 completed passes. With the two big away games at Leicester and Palace coming up, we’ll need to build on the Mansfield game.

It also gave the boss an opportunity to throw on a few of the younger members of the squad. Lewis Hunt enjoyed his ten minutes after I was taken off, but I told him not to get used to replacing me! The club’s in a healthy situation when it comes to youth. In addition to Lewis Hunt, Lee Grant is looking good and we’ve got a number of player’s representing their country. At a more junior level, Tom Huddlestone and Chris Turner are also earning praise.

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