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Show Racism the Red Card - 01/09/2002

   Warren Barton

The following interview was taken from an interview by the Charity 'Kick Racism Out of Football':

Warren what's your opinion on Racism in London?

"No, not so much in London. There are lots of different communities. I never really came across it. But speaking to John Barnes when he was here, it was obvious that it was about. That is why so many clubs have involved themselves in anti-racist stuff like this. I’m lucky because as a white person, I’ve never experienced the kind of racism some Black people suffer".

Do you have a message to young people suffering from Racism?

"Ask the person why they are doing it. 99% of it is ignorance. Most people who do it (abuse people racially) do so because they are sheep, they don’t really know why they are doing it. If its happening at school – tell a teacher. But don’t involve violence – if telling a teacher doesn’t work, involve parents and others. Its got to be stopped, there is no doubt about that".

What about Asians in football?

"The Asians haven’t had a role model. It’s a bit like in the US with the NBA but that’s changed. To be fair though, cricket is such a big game in the Asian communities. But if the likes of Michael Chopra (Newcastle Utd) come through then that will provide that role model. But Asian soccer is getting stronger just like African football has developed. But the right coaching needs to be there – but football is such a big, global game now, it will happen – Burnley have brought someone in to work with the Asian community and we have someone from the Middle East".

On Asylum Seekers:

"You have to treat individuals as individuals – each case is different. People have come from countries where they are fearing for their lives – this country and other countries should help those people. We are rich enough to do so".

The US multi-cultural society:

"I’ve been over there – there are lots of different communities all getting along fine – Irish, Italians – they all mix in. To be fair, London’s the same … I grew up with lots of Indian and Asian friends and so it really upsets me about what is happening in Bradford, Oldham and other places. You can get a little embarrassed about your own country .. people who play football are proud of this country and we ask – why can’t we get on, why is colour such a big issue – I’ve always said there are good and bad in every community".

Far Right wing groups holding marches at football grounds:

"Keep away from those types of people. Why do they go to a football game? They are looking for trouble – its just looking for confrontation. They don’t belong (at football). I don’t have any time for those people at all".

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