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Articles about Leeds United

Let's enjoy it! by John McGinlay - 05/05/2004
Super John looks at the progress of the club and highlights the work on and off the pitch at the Reebok. [More]
The PFA AwardsThe PFA Awards by Peter Clarke - 26/04/2004
Peter tells us who he voted for in the PFA awards and also looks at the Premiership battle for both fourth place and fight to drop down to the Nationwide. [More]
The Fat Club by Jamie McClen - 16/02/2004
He'd never be accused of eating all the pies, but that didn't stop Jamie taking on John Carver, Stevie and Gary Caldwell in a month long diet competition! [More]
Transfer movement by Robbie Elliott - 05/02/2004
Although nothing seemed to happen in the first few weeks of the transfer window, it all got quite exciting as the deadline loomed. [More]
Aussie pair benefit from off season movesAussie pair benefit from off season moves by Luke Wilkshire - 27/01/2004
As Olyroo qualification hots up, Luke is interviewed alongside ex-Leeds Junior Shane Candell-Smith [More]
A Rejuvenated Leeds?A Rejuvenated Leeds? by John McGinlay - 19/11/2003
Super John looks at the weekend game at Eddie Gray's Leeds, and also to tonight's international game in Holland. [More]
From Workington to BelgradeFrom Workington to Belgrade by Robbie Elliott - 12/08/2003
With Clarence and Hugo both picking up recent injuries, I got a call yesterday and had to go straight to the airport. I'm not expecting to feature in the Champions League qualifier, but it's good to be involved - and quite a contrast from Friday night's game at Workington. [More]
We shouldn't be down there - but we are! by John McGinlay - 29/04/2003
We’ve played tremendously over the last few weeks, and really, if we’d played this well earlier in the season we’d be fighting for a European slot. It's hard to believe we’re still looking over our shoulders! [More]
Sunderland - it was win or bust by John McGinlay - 17/03/2003
Mick McCarthy’s a different kettle of fish to Howard Wilkinson (who'd lost the plot) and I expect him to do well at Sunderland. When a new manager comes in, it’s the norm for the team to pick up in form, and I expected a very tough game at the Stadium if Light. [More]
Good timesGood times by John Beresford - 03/02/2003
So the signing did go through, even though most of us had thought Robbie Fowler’s move to City would mean the deal was dead. It just goes to show the awful situation Leeds have got themselves in, and how Freddie Shepherd’s perseverance has paid off. [More]
Woodgate – a good time to buy (& another new arrival)Woodgate – a good time to buy (& another new arrival) by Robbie Elliott - 01/02/2003
This is good business for the club, we’ve brought a player who should have his best years in front of him, and who’s an outstanding player. Who knows what’s happening at Leeds, but if they manage to secure some investment, their need to sell may not be so intense. It’s a move that maybe couldn’t have waited until the summer. There's also a new edition to the Elliott household. [More]
The Pressue is still on!The Pressue is still on! by Nolberto Solano - 24/09/2002
The Sunderland victory was great, we enjoyed it, but the pressure is still an and we must beat Feyenoord tonight [More]
The Pressure is onThe Pressure is on by John Beresford - 12/09/2002
After last night's 2-0 defeat by Leeds, people should be loking at the quality of Newcastle's football - not the league position [More]
The better side but no points!The better side but no points! by Jamie McClen - 12/09/2002
The Leeds result was very disappointing for the lads, but we've got to take heart from aspects of the game. We also played a friendly against Carlisle today, I scored in a 3-2 win. [More]
The Premier League is fantastic! by John Beresford - 07/11/2001
The Premier League is fantastic, it's just wide open this year and that's great for the game. This is the best Championship race for years. [More]